Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

I continue to see old signs litter the landscape. New ones are now listed at the top.
Some of the signs are still where they lay since I photographed them 5 months ago. I began taking photographs on December 4, 2011

May 2nd


 April 4th

This Sutton real estate agent actually went to the trouble of e-mailing asking that her name be removed from the blog. I let her know her sign was still in the ditch and removed her name from the blog. She said she'd come get it, but it's been a month now, so here's the new picture I took April 4th. This isn't the only Sutton sign I've photographed.

The by laws say that the property owner is responsible for removing election signs from their property.  Apparently this system doesn't work as none of the property owners are touching election signs, like they are a protected species that mustn't be bothered.

It's been a long time since I've seen a religious tract.

Sign across the street from the Khalsa School. This is really out of bounds.

How long has it been since we've had 7 digit numbers?

The First Sign Pictures I took way back in December. Many are still there after 4 months.

Just say no to litter.

My parents were worried about the neighborhood I lived in when they visited. It made them uncomfortable driving in such a run down town when they were used to the wide streets and sidewalks in Calgary.

As they were when I set them up on Scott Road and 99 Ave.  to photograph them on Dec 18. They were the only garbage left on the corner. Still there ... 


Hmmm, that lawn doesn't look too healthy. Maybe that's not such good advertising.

Ham Kumar from Sutton has some garbage he'd like to sell you.

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