The Beaver Pond

There is a beaver pond near my house, we call the beaver Justin. He lives in the middle of a scene that includes everything that is affecting wildlife and our natural areas of Canada. This beaver is surviving in the middle of construction, oil oozes, dumped garbage, noise, truck fumes, the smell of the sewer and who knows what else. It is a pretty sad scene off 102 Ave  and Scott Road in Surrey, BC.  The beaver was very active in building it's dam so that he had made the water run over onto a gravel access road. Since they are building there now, they broke up two of his dams late February. Now he's back to square one.
 He recently cut down a huge old willow tree.

Guess all those green spring shoots were irresistible.

He's also cutting down new trees that were planted the last few years by the parks department. It really isn't enough land or trees for a beaver, but they are very difficult to move.

These are before and after shots, Click on any picture for a larger view.

You can see the truck canopy in all these scenes as a point of reference.
When I was there on Sunday the tree was half cut through.

By Tuesday he had cut the whole tree down and was working on the next one. In the meantime his pond was drained.

The half circle of water you see in the background was the beaver's construction of a new dam.

This tree has now fallen over, it was being held up by leaning on another tree.

Here's the complete panorama as it was in January. Quite a 360 degree view of his habitat being trashed.

This is now the part of the dam that remains for the beaver.

Suitcase and reflection of new construction.

I think the light colored sticks are where Justin Beaver's lodge is.

Oil, organic matter, iron oxide from the peat bog that was here before the pre-loading of sand is oozing out of the ground all over this pre-loaded pre-development area. It's hard to tell what's oil or the colored slick that occurs when the peat bog is decomposing.

The environmental people told me that when it breaks up in chunks like this, it's actually not petroleum, but naturally occurring organic matter that look like 

The beaver created an overflow which went onto the road.

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  1. Great photos: important to document disappearing landscapes and remind people about the need to share habitats.


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