Bajwa Litters

I have found that I continue to find Bajwa Signs where ever I go. It is a bad example to all. It also shows direspect for Surrey. It also shows that yes, we do have a problem with people not cleaning up in their neighborhoods and street front.

I think Mr. Bajwa is due for some community service at the various schools near where I saw his signs dumped. He needs to give a talk on the problems with litter in the city and then go out with the kids and pick up garbage. He is being a very bad example to the community.

Sign found March 30 next to the Surrey Public Market.
Visit for more information on the market's revitalization

Found March 30 at the corner of  64 Ave and 142 Street.

Off 96 Ave somewhere. Trying to hide behind a fence. March 4.

Found in front of the gate for RedLeaf Crescent Townhomes. March 1.
 Second Picture, March 16.

Found in the bushes in front of thGuru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara on Scott Road.  February 14.

Bottom of Scott Road Hill. Jan. 9

Not far away also Jan. 9
These two signs are still there.

From this point on in the post are the original photos I took in December 2011 when I started this blog.

To date I think there are almost 75 signs I decided I had to do a post where all the Bajwa signs were gathered together. Just so you can see the extent of it.  Now this is without much effort, just going where I usually go.

122 St. and 95a Ave

Corner of  122 St and 95 Ave

76 Ave and 132 Street

76 and 128 Street

Can't remember where this one was.

Outside BC Hydro Office at 8173 128 Street

128 Street and 86 Ave area

 128 Street and 84 Ave

about 128 Street and 90 Ave.

Update of Dec. 11
Just one more Bajwa sign.  122b St. and 91a Ave.

Actually there are more.  KingGeorge and about 90, Scott Road about 80 something, 128 and 68 through 72 (about 4 of them).

King George and 68 Ave.
Along 68 Ave.somewhere.

128 and 64 Ave.

128 and 64

128 & 64

On 128.

Kanghura Village 128 and 69

128 and 70, In empty fields next to Kwantlen



88 Ave and 125 near Burger King

88 Ave and entrance into Walmart

Walmart Area.

Found 2 new ones today, Dec 13

I found a bonus one when I was taking a picture of a shopping cart, can't be sure that small white rectangle is his, but I think it is.

At a property across from Cedar Hills Elementary.

At Sullivan Heights Park and Bell Performing Arts Center.

Top of Scott Road Hill with other signs found in the bushes.

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  1. Good thing Bajwa didn't get elected. If he can't bother to pick up his election signs, imagine what the City would look like under his management. Not a very good example at all!


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