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Canada is a beautiful country, and for the most part a clean place to live compared to much of the rest of the world. Let's keep it that way. My neighborhood in Surrey is facing a great challenge of litter.
I found that as I walked around my neighborhood all I saw was garbage everywhere. Dumped in every empty unattended place there was and everywhere there wasn't a volunteer or city crews to pick it up.

I would call the city to pick up one thing and see 2 more. If I picked up all the garbage I passed I would be picking up garbage day and night.

I have lived in my home in this neighborhood for almost 20 years now.  We have cleaned up our corner and called the city countless times to come pick up the latest things that have been dumped. On  December 4, 2011,  I decided to take my camera on my daily walks and photograph what I found. You may also be dismayed at the amount of trash that I was able to document in the 12 days before Christmas 2011. But then I walk my dog every day and now that I'm in the habit of carrying my camera, I have continued to document the mess I see everywhere.

I challenge you to look at every single item I have photographed and then do something to change it. Visit my Project Ideas page to give your input or ideas on this issue. Let's Keep Canada Clean.


  1. why can't people just take their garbage with them and dump it?

  2. I've lived in my neighbourhood for over 15 years. I read your article in The Now last night and had to go on your blog. Funny how we wanted to do the same thing this past several years to make people aware of how we can help eliminate litter in our streets and in our neighbourhood. We've emailed Mayor Watts many a-times about this problem in our neighbourhood just to let her know the kind of problem Surrey is facing with litter. It seems we're the 'capital' of litter in the lower mainland. Personally, my husband and I have been, this past 4 years and still going, making a point everyday, if not, every week to clean up our neighbourhood from 72 Avenue all the way to 68 Avenue along our street.

    We certainly need education and it should come first from HOME and then target the schools.

    Kudos to you for doing this and we're with you in your ideas on how to keep Canada clean. However, our target to start with "keep our neighbhourhood clean".

    Again, great job and we definitely admire you for this awesome effort!

    campaign for "keep our neighbhourhood clean"


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