Thursday, February 14, 2013

More new construction, Same old trash

All over Surrey are signs for new development and new construction.

Accompanying these signs is always the ubiquitous dumping and trash that will only increase once these properties are full of residents.

As I walked down 64 Avenue around King George Boulevard, property after property had signs for Panorama development and dumps of construction worker vests, measuring tapes, workboots as well as the always present children's toys, plastic jugs, bags of clothing and plant pots.

Once development is finished the leftovers of realtor signs, balloons, ribbons and flyers spread out from these sites like a ugly rash across Surrey.

Once I get into my own neighborhood, the construction sites are smaller, but even more trashy. Workers casually toss aside their fast food containers and cups, cigarette buts and packaging, as well as many other items which are not construction related. The scattered litter and garbage is an eyesore and  gets blown to other properties by the wind.  Sites which do have fencing, seem to have free reign to fill it with pizza boxes, drink cups and fast food trash.
Construction buckets and jugs of mostly empty liquids, face masks, tar paper, roof shingles, nails and everything else gets tossed aside, both on their property, on adjacent properties and on the street. We all know construction sites are messy, but garbage should not blow through the streets and I should not have to step over dangerous materials on the sidewalk or streetside.  Hazardous substances should not be entering our waterways because of this careless behavior.

Stricter compliance to the unsightly property by-laws for businesses and contractors should be enforced. I feel building sites should not pass building inspections if they are in violation of the unsightly property by-laws on any of their properties or holdings.

We need to eliminate this bad habit of tossing litter on the ground.
Spread the word. Keep Canada Clean.

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  1. We should do away with this particular awful pattern connected with organizing litter box on a lawn.
    Spread the saying. Maintain North America Thoroughly clean. I love cleaning because my business i also on post construction clean up calgary


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