Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tag, you're it!

The City of Surrey is still making slow futile attempts to follow after taggers and cover or clean the vandalism left behind.

A recent flurry of activity in Newton affected at least three bus shelters... And again, days go by without any evidence of clean up.

It must be very gratifying to the taggers to create such long lasting impressions.

Tags in the past have been covered up with the ugliest flesh colored paint possible, giving the taggers a blank surface to tag once again. (Notice the tagged bustop in the background as well)

In some cases it's BC Hydro boxes. I've heard they are reluctant to spend the money on the photo covers that the city utility boxes are now using to prevent vandalism.

It seems almost every business in this area has had their streetside signs tagged.

Walls are painted in patchwork pieces of color, only to have them tagged again.

It seems no-one can find that old paint can that was saved to fix these problems, so they uglify their fences with painted squares, which are then again tagged. Click here for more posts on the tagging problem in Surrey.

Surrey needs graffiti prevention, not anti-graffiti measures. To me, anti-graffiti means futily chasing the taggers and covering over their stuff so they can tag again. Graffiti prevention means painting something attractive, with bright colors and complicated patterns that obscure attempted tags.

This spring I intend to get some public art created in Surrey at some of these locations where tagging is a problem. Please contact me if you are interested in working on a mural or two around Surrey this spring. Tag, you're it!
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  1. bsdk=bombing surrey daily krew...a bunch of 17 year old toy kids


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