Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday on a Foggy Surrey Corner

Sunday was an extremely foggy day around our house. I stepped out into the street wanting to take a pretty picture of the trees receding into the fog. But as usual...street litter was in my way. We pick up this 100 meters of road at least once a week, sometimes more often, but the flow of trash never ends.

Today I decided to photograph all of it. Ten fast food cups, multiple plastic straws, 1 milk-to-go, a golden party cup and a cigarette package.

Multiple bus passes, another cigarette package & plastic wrapping, too many cigarette butts to count.

One bag of leftovers from a takeout meal, gum & tootsie roll wrapping, burger wrapping and chip bag, 3 Tim Horton's lids and a foil wrapped package of unidentified food.

A plastic garbage bag, more than 2 rubber bands, a ziplock baggie, beer can, trojan packaging and several used tissues. Don't forget the rag that has been traveling down the street for weeks, now in front of my neighbors driveway.

A dump of seven plastic containers of old food, with the prime suspects being the basement renters across the street that just came back from a lengthy overseas trip. So I picked up all the garbage while that basement renter watched. I did not pick up the rag in my neighbors driveway.

I finally got to take my photo, but I have to say I'm unhappy that once again, I was the dupe forced to pick up after all those Surrey residents who trash our city. I'm also still looking for a good way to ask people to stop littering on this corner. It's our home and it's beautiful here, please Keep Canada Clean.
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