Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Playing Tag on Scott Road

Some weeks ago, a stretch of Scott Road was tagged extensively.

This small strip mall at Scott Road (120 Street) and  90 Avenue has been hit repeatedly with tagging in the past.

The businesses are responsible for clearing up this tagging, but it must get tiresome to paint over and over again.

Part of the problem in reporting these tags is that each location's vandalism is handled by a different agency. Garbage bins by the garbage company, BC Hydro boxes and poles by them, private owners for the buildings. What the city does, I don't know. I see by law officer cars driving around all the time, yet I don't see many by-laws being enforced. It's very difficult to see how the city is properly managing anything in this area.

This market has long been a target of tagging. This is one location I think a public mural with bright colors and detailed patterns would be attractive and would make it difficult for taggers to make an impression. Please visit the Street Art for Surrey Page for more info.
Sometimes when I walk along Scott Road  I feel I'm in a third world country. Especially when I go around behind the stores where the garbage is spread out and nothing is ever clean. 

When I take these photographs, I am very aware of the lone tall trees in the distance. They are a symbol to me of what Canada could be, but down here on this level, all I see is trash and vandalism.
 It's not the tags that really concern me. Yes, tagging is irritating, costly and ugly.

It's the community and business owner's ability to ignore the litter and vandalism around them. 
 It's the fact that trash and ugliness have become part of Surrey culture.

And no-ones cleaning it up. Not my neighbors, not the business owners, and not the city.
That's what bothers me.

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