Friday, January 25, 2013

Is 13 months too long?

It's 2013. Two thousand and thirteen. Twenty Thirteen.

I've been photographing garbage for 13 months. I could probably find 13 things that have remained in place for all that time. But that would make me obsessive and I have better things to do with my life. So here's a few items photographed 13 months ago, and how they appear now.

December 2011. A child's chair. Dumped next to Prince Charles Elementary, on Robson Park land, walked past by many many people on 100 Avenue every day.

January 2013. This chair is alongside a blocks worth of old carpet, dumped bundles of community newspapers, garbage bags full of who knows what, more fast food cups and a few dollars worth of cans and bottles.
December 2011. Same location, bag of gross hanging in a tree.

January 2013. The last time this stretch of land was cleared of trash was when I called sometime in the spring  or summer of 2011. It's park land. This means there must be no yearly regular maintenance of our park land.

December 2011. Sign in a ditch near my home. This real estate agent actually e-mailed me because I mentioned her by name in my blog. I told her where the sign was and that she could come pick it up any time.

January 2013. I never heard back and the sign is still there.

December 2011. Bajwa signs littered the roads for months. I e-mailed and twittered Mr. Bajwa but never heard back.

January 2013. At least one sign still remains.

December 2011. Vote YES. At a popular dump site that irked me into action and merited an article in the Leader.
January 2013. The property got mostly cleaned but YES is still there. Along with a new collection of dumped items, but that's another story.
I say Yes, 13 months is too long for garbage to lie around before anyone picks it up. It's time to Spring Clean Surrey!

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  1. Wondering if you might shine the spotlight on the former Surrey Public Market site. More awareness is needed to get much needed changes made.


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