Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bird's nests & Balloons

It was 13 months ago I got frustrated enough to start carrying my camera and photographing all the litter and dumping around Surrey, hoping to make some noise and make some change. I now have a new camera and I'm rediscovering the fun of taking pictures. The good news is that Surrey has new organics, garbage and recycling bins. The bad news is I can still find plenty of trash to photograph.

13 months ago, I photographed a tangled mess of withered balloons and ribbons left up in the trees after an old marketing campaign. You know those perpetual Going out of Business / Moving sales that furniture stores love. You can see the originals here from Dec. 9th, 2011.
13 months later, the same plastic ribbons still festoon the trees. Virtually unchanged by a year of weather.

Now that the leaves have come off the trees, we can see the bird's nest that was built. At least the bird was able to make use of some of that ribbon.

But there is plenty left over that will soon be competing with the spring blossoms. 

It comes in Oh Canada Red and White.

It comes in Singing the Blues Blue.

It blows in the breeze and sparkles in the morning sunlight.

A good Spring Cleaning of Surrey before the blossoms and leaves appear would be a good concept to introduce for March. The next two months is when vegetation has died down, the garbage is very visible and the way is clear for easy access in garbage removal.
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