Friday, April 27, 2012

Woe is me.

Ever since I heard Down With Webster was going to be at this year's Party for the Planet, I've had their song "Whoa is me" running through my head. Amusing play on words, but now it's running continually through My head,  and in my mind it's  'Woe is me.' Is it funny or ironic that their video starts with a discarded cup on the pavement?
I'm really trying to get excited about the Party for the Planet. Woe is me, but I can't help but be cynical and comment on the fact that we are partying for the planet on a parking lot, surrounded by buildings, in a city of litter that is cutting down hundreds of trees for development while we all generate garbage and everyone pretends this is a good way to celebrate nature. Yes, yes, I understand we'd all be standing in a soggy mess if we tried to hold it in a park. Yes, I know that some people will learn things and hopefully take the message home and actually put it into practice. But let's be honest, it's not really about the planet is it? It's about fun and food and music.
We've been to many, many of the free events the city has had to offer and thoroughly enjoyed them all. When our daughter was really young it was especially great to have somewhere close to go to experience the world.  I love how when you go to any of these free events in Surrey, it's as if the whole world has come together to have a good time. The patchwork quilt that includes people of every nation and color is part of what I like about Surrey.  I'm already looking forward to the Fusion Festival
I also wonder how many of the people that need to hear the environmental message actually get that from these kinds of events. It might be fairly easy to miss the whole point of an event like this with all the glitz and fluff it's wrapped in. 
 What I know is that while we are partying for the planet, Justin Beaver is busy cutting down his own trees at the beaver pond in North Surrey. You can see the black garbage bag and discarded drinking cup that he's working around. This is real nature at work, but no-one will be thinking about him during this Party for the Planet.
I should be upset at the beaver because it just cut down a huge old weeping willow. There really isn't enough land or trees to support the beaver down here. The city came in and removed his dam and all the logs he used to build it, so I guess the beaver figured it needed to cut down a really big tree to try to recover. Plus how could one resist all those fresh spring time tree shoots.

Woe is me.  It was a really big huge old tree and it was beautiful. I somehow feel partially responsible because I brought attention to the beaver, so all the activity at this site was accelerated, even though I probably had very little to do with it. The cleaning up has yet to be done, there's still garbage strewn through the whole area.

Nearby the air is filled with truck exhaust. They've re-routed the trucks around the Fraser Perimeter Highway construction, so now they all come to a stop at Scott Road and 103 A, then roar to life belching out fumes when the light turns green. It makes my dog sneeze, every single time a smelly vehicle drives by. We don't walk this way much anymore and I wonder how much of those fumes are wafting up by my home.
The trucks fill the landscape and obscure the mountain view.

Fences are nothing more than gathering spots for garbage, until it escapes into a nearby ditch.

It's hard to see hope for the planet when you look around this area. 

 Months have gone by since I first mentioned this property. I've heard the city is sending letters, getting tough on owners to clean up dumping. It doesn't seem to be working.

Wildflowers are blooming now though. This is lunaria annua, also called the honesty plant or the money plant. Seems there's not much honesty left in the world, it's all about the money.

Woe is me, I really am trying to keep a bright outlook and focus on the positive. It's just so hard sometimes.

Now I'm going to go spend the day focusing on nature to lift myself up into a party mood for tonight.

See you at the Party for the Planet!

It was good times with Down With Webster tonight. I enjoyed the show more than I knew I would. Sorry for the poor sound quality, but here's a short clip from Whoa is me. They played it as their last song.

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