Monday, April 16, 2012

Where it began.

The first day of this project, Dec. 4th, I took my camera along on my dog walks to show the garbage I was seeing every day. That was  just over 4 months ago now. Here's what I saw then at this one property.

Dumping garbage in one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is just one of the piles here. There are paint cans, a TV, appliances, clothing, construction waste. The mountain view is grand from up here in Cedar Hills.
I kept returning to check on the property. A shopping cart would appear, then disappear down the hill into the ditches. January 22
It stayed pretty much the same with a little more added each time.
February 13
Around about the middle of February the by-law department said they were taking action.

Now it's April 12. At least flowers are blooming. 

There has been some action. Little orange markers everywhere. Looks like this garbage is just outside their property line.  The purple muscari (grape hyacinth) can't be stopped.

Property markers have been set right into the garbage. 

I don't really know what to say... maybe there are too many things to say.
Thank goodness spring is here with flowers to distract me.

Next to Scott Road Hill.

On the "Flats" near Scott Road.

At a new house construction site.

Dandelions can be beautiful.

Entrance to Royal Heights.

90 Ave near Scott Road. One for the Circles collection.

North Delta just the other side of Scott Road.

Unidentified yellow flowers at 90 Ave. and 125 St.

 A trillium in Al Cleaver Park.

Siberian Wallflower in my yard. Great plant that comes back year after year. It smells pretty and can be grown from saved seeds. There's still plenty of time to Plant Flowers not Garbage!

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