Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Walk this way.

 Let's start at the strip mall at the corner of 96 Ave and Scott Road.
Perhaps you are noticing the landscaping is a bit dismal?

At least one daffodil has survived to bloom.
There are tiny clumps of tulips trying ever so hard to break through. Hope for the future.

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April 3

March 1
Walking south on Scott Road we come to the next parking lot with bank, 2 strip malls and market. We have the walking entrance to RedLeaf Crescent, for more on this, look at my post Show Home Open Daily

Trapped between a fence and a fence. To be fair though, some of the garbage had been picked up in front of Sabzi Mandi.  

Behind the store however was a different story. Notice the fluorescent tubes mixed in with cardboard, foam and who knows what else.

I have no idea why they are generating such a mess back here.

 To get to the walkway you must pass this.

 And this.

Whose shoes?

 And this.

The walkway is lined with garbage and rat traps. It used to be blocked off, so there was no way to get to the stores on Scott Road. The fact that it's been opened up is good, but it is a seriously trashed walk.

This is where mothers, kids, fathers and daughters are walking from the neighborhood to the market and stores on Scott Road. 

This is the way kids walk and to and from LA Matheson Secondary for their lunch every day. Even if you did want to throw something away, there is no public trash can anywhere in sight.

This is a pizza box.

Diego, you can't hide from me.

I've already covered the garbage next to LA Matheson plenty of times. It's just more of the same. Except I saw a woman slip and fall in the mud while she was carrying home her groceries. Lots of people walking past have made a trench of a path that's all muddy and wet this time of year.
The streets around Cedar Hills Elementary have odd objects littered around as per usual, more of the same.
Mattresses and umbrellas.

 Diapers left streetside till they turn into mush.

Another Rectangle for my Collection, or is it a Circle

This is all that's left today of a lovely big Japanese Maple Tree at this property. I miss this tree already, the red leaves were so beautiful especially in spring. It was right on the property line and probably could have been saved, but there is zero thought to preserving nature of any kind. Another large tree is probably scheduled to come down the next day or so. They will be building another huge mansion or two soon.

My husband and I cleaned up the ditch in front of that lot a few weeks ago, but it is collecting garbage again.  This Sutton real estate agent actually went to the trouble of e-mailing asking that her name be removed from the blog. I let her know her sign was still in the ditch. She said she'd come get it, but it's been a month now since she mailed me.
The  brand new mansion across the street is already collecting garbage. The previous owners maintained their property spotlessly with a beautiful garden and flowers that were beautiful in spring.
I miss them too.

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