Saturday, April 21, 2012

Volunteer Photographers needed.

Today is a bright sunny day and my tiny view to the mountains tells me it's a clear day. 
Please consider visiting this location this weekend and capturing Surrey's natural beauty and views. Sunset would be a great time of day to shoot.

Volunteer photographers needed to shoot panoramic landscape of North Surrey trees and metro-Vancouver North Shore mountains.

 I am not able to capture the beauty of this soon to be developed location with my small camera.

I have missed those clear sky days where you can see the mountains laid out behind the bridges.

The mountain views are similar to those pictured in these shots.

These were taken nearby in Tom Hopkins Ravine Park.

These were taken at Scott Road and 102 Ave. Telephoto lenses would be useful.

The location is 124 Street South of Old Yale Road. Coordinates 49.195461, -122.879870 124 Street is closed to vehicle traffic. The map shown is two years old and things have changed. There is a grass covered hill west of 124 Street which is the perfect location from which to capture this beautiful scene. 

Please Contact Me if you get good photos of this location. I would like to save some of this green beauty for future generations. Please visit for more information on this dream of mine.

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