Thursday, April 5, 2012

Transit Shelters, not Bus Stops

In a news release on November 9, 2009  the city of Surrey announced the installation of new Transit Shelters. Pattison Outdoor was awarded the contract to design and supply and manage the bus stops, sorry... Transit Shelters, for 20 years. Read the article here. New Look on the Streets of Surrey

The hype was "The design is coordinated, modern and elegant, including transit shelters, benches, litter receptacles and bike racks. Exclusive to Surrey, the design incorporates the new City identity and branding including the signature line “The Future Lives Here!"

This is now the future and this is what a Newton bus stop near the Newton library has looked like since the weekend. We first noticed it on our way to school on Monday.
On Tuesday I said to my daughter, "Wow, that bus stop is still not cleaned up." She said "No one cares Mom, no one cares!" She cares though.

On Wednesday when it still looked the same, I decided I'd call someone to find out what the deal was.

I called Surrey's main number and got transfered to the Engineering works yard? where they told me the bus stops were the responsibility of  Translink? and gave me a number to call. When I called it rang and rang until a robotic voice said. "Enter your remote access number".  Well I don't have a remote access number, do you? So I called the city back and asked them if they had a number with a person attached to it. While they were looking, the woman on the phone offered to call them for me to get it fixed. I hope they pass on my comments to Translink and Pattison.

So, a lot of bus drivers passed that bustop in those three days. If they did report it, 3 days seems a long time to get around to something like that. If they didn't report it, that's a problem. If no bus riders reported it I can see why. It takes a bit of persistance to jump through the hoops of red tape and patience when being transferred from one department to the next.
I'm not sure where the garbage cans... sorry Litter Receptacles are in this new plan for the bus stop... sorry Transit Shelter. There are so many bus stops without garbage cans... uh Litter Receptacles. Shouldn't they all have them? 

This is one of my favorite old garbage photos, a bus stop... sorry, no Transit Shelter here, just off Scott Road. Right now it's just a paved rectangle with accompanying garbage.

Today is Thursday and my daughter has a sore throat so we aren't going to school. If anyone is at the corner of 70 Ave and 138 Street, can you let me know if the bus stop... sorry Transit Shelter is fixed yet?

Update: It was fixed by Sunday... I know of  3 shelters being broken so far, anymore examples of this out there? I've heard a disgruntled drunk teen can break these shelters without too much effort. Makes me wonder how much they cost to fix and how often this happens.


  1. Bad news - Surrey staff lied to you.
    The bus shelters in Surrey are Surrey's responsibility, not TransLink's. TransLink is only responsible for the shelters in the bus exchanges and at SkyTrain stations.

    Looks like you've been given the run around...

    1. Lie might be a strong word. I sense confusion, disorganization, a lack of cooperation and communication between city departments and institutions like the RCMP. I know I get transferred from department to department a lot when I try to find out something. Then I have to start from the beginning again when I find out I got the wrong information or I get no satisfying answer in the end. It often is the story that it is someone else's responsibility. But there are many things that are falling through these bureaucratic cracks, the cleanliness of our city being just one.

  2. The City of Surrey is very disorganized even in the Parks Recreation & Culture Department. They hire inexperienced people (through family connections) who clearly lack good customer service skills.


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