Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Surrey First, are you listening?

On February 26th I met a couple who told me about a Surrey First election sign abandoned on King George Highway in Bridgeview.  They thought the sign illustrated very well how the politicians didn't really care about the situation on the streets or their problems. You can view that post here, Mayor Dianne, we have a problem.
This morning, April 3rd I got stuck in King George 'Boulevard' traffic leading to the Patullo Bridge. Guess whose sign was still there. It was blown up against the fence and face down so it didn't show much anymore. I picked it up and propped it up once again for this picture.

As you know, the Patullo Bridge has been in the news as making the list of worst roads in Canada.

Nearby is one of the scenes which are easy to find in Surrey. Notice the Skytrain in the distance.

The ditches in this part of Surrey are still full of garbage. 

Yes, I have e-mailed Dianne Watts and City Council about my blog, the first time way back in December. Yes, I've talked to and e-mailed multiple people in all the various city departments and beyond.

Surrey First, are you listening?

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