Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday morning in My Surrey

Saturday morning I made my coffee and took it outside for a stroll around my yard to check on how Spring was progressing. Right away my morning took a little downturn as I noticed a mattress dumped off the edge of the street. 
Every time this happens now my response is not to get mad, but to make it even.  I counter the bad with good by planting something new in Side Track Park, or I pick up as much garbage as I can within a block or so in one direction.
This is what I picked up Saturday morning. Three and a half  very heavy soggy bundles of local newspapers; a few  pounds of dog poop in plastic bags which some dog owner regularly tosses into the ditches and roadside; household trash including milk jugs, tin cans, plastic bags, clothing; half a curtain rod; metal car parts from a stripped car.

I ran out of energy before I reached this spot. I realize I'm not as young as I used to be and the pain in my shoulder that afternoon proved it to me.

Time for a walk-about with my dog. We head down the same street and towards Scott Road Hill to head down to the "Flats".

At the end of the street there was this newly dumped box of video tapes in the blackberries.

It was accompanied by a microwave.

Plum tree on Scott Road Hill.

It was cloudy but you could see the mountains through the gaps in the clouds.

I walk past this lot which always looked to me like a strange awful combination of cement, color and garbage. It's all mixed in together as fill. Is this really the way we do it?

Someone has taken the opportunity to dump here and added to the colorful mess.

Again, children's items.

The ditches beside Scott Road are filling with old garbage and signs.

Questionable Salmon Habitat. There are new business on Scott Road near 103a. Lordco, Burger King and Tim Horton's.  The new roads have given easy access to dumpers.

 This alarm clock and accompanying garbage have been here a while now. 

Photo from January 11.

Not far away is this old dump which I photographed on February 26th.

It's become a popular place to abandon random items.

Perhaps Lordco needs a place for customers to recycle their old oil and automotive fluids so they don't have to abandon them by the road.
Perhaps the new Burger King should take responsibility for a larger area of garbage pickup in the interest of community spirit. This Burger King garbage is out of their bounds, but still within eyesight of where it came from.

Companies should take responsibility for the area around their lots. This has also been here months. We need the truckers on our side.

The closed off road because of the South Perimeter Highway construction has become an even more perfect dump spot for this cabinet and couch.

Construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

Childhood Trashed.

An abandoned property on Scott Road is becoming an unofficial dump and graffiti site.

Remember when we had only 7 digit phone numbers? It seems a long time ago.

Heritage Surrey Tree.

An alternative view of Patullo Bridge and the Skytrain Bridge.

My Surrey

What is it?

One piece.

The other piece

March 31
January 22

Across from the Khalsa School.

January 22
March 31

Is this yours?

My dog and I head back up the Cedar Hills to home.  It's a lot to take in for one simple Saturday dog walk, and I didn't even show it all to you. There is more...  much, much more.

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