Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Salvaging nature and heritage

Today they are taking down another old house in my neighborhood. Thankfully I spotted the excavator on the property yesterday. So I stopped and was able to talk to the new owner this morning before demolition started.  I told him I wanted to save some of the old plants on the property. 
There are many old roses, old lilacs, forsythia and a Japanese Flowering Quince which is just about to bloom. There's also a big rosemary plant I really want as mine died the last cold winter.
The new owner was very agreeable and said he'd try to save the plants for me.  He even took the trouble to let me look around and tell him exactly which ones were worth saving.  Now it's up to the excavator operator to also be agreeable. I think this time it's going to be a success as there was a helpful young man working for them who also took the time to listen and look.
This might not look like much to you, but it's pure delight for me.  I was able to dig up many, many peony plants. They will get large pink blossoms on them.

 There's a few other random items like bluebells, perennial geranium, and bergenia.

I've done this type of salvage with every demolition in this neighborhood I could get to. We started when we first moved in 20 years ago and shortly thereafter the old small house across the street was torn down and replaced by two big houses. One of the first plants we salvaged was muscari (grape hyacinth pictured above) and they have multiplied and are right now blooming all over my yard.
We now have a great variety of mature plants filling our yard that I could never have afforded. Stay tuned for how this project goes, I've found out the real demolition starts tomorrow.

Salvage some nature in your neighborhood this spring
and preserve Surrey's Heritage!

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