Monday, April 30, 2012

Issues for North Surrey Town Hall Meeting

I have selected the following posts to help illustrate some issues with garbage and graffiti that some residents of Surrey would be interested in discussing.  If you randomly click around my site, you may become overwhelmed and glaze over at the sheer amount of garbage to be seen. So I'm trying to focus on just a few.

Tagging / Graffiti
The Problem of Graffiti Part 1
The Problem of Tagging Part 4 - Rated R

Garbage on the side of the streets/ poor maintenance / urban ditches
I went for walk today Dec 16 (garbage is still there)
Walk This Way
Surrey Ditches so Trashy

Dumping over fences, into parks, ravines, natural areas, empty lots, train tracks and unattended spaces.
A Green Ravine in Surrey
Everything and the Kitchen Sink
With my own two hands
Saturday Morning in My Surrey

There are so many more examples.
Transit Shelters not Bus Stops
Mayor Dianne, we have a problem
     ( I would like to tell the lady at the meeting last night who was commenting on the sewer smell on 114, that here on February 26 I blogged about that issue on 125a. I also reported it to the city, as had another resident earlier. I would like to know if it's the same location, and if the city is really going to do anything about it)

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