Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I went down to the bottom of Tom Hopkins Ravine again on Saturday, this time to a different section than last week. What should I find but the kitchen sink and more of everything.
 My daughter and I once hiked this ravine from the 99 Ave stairs, the whole way up to 96 Ave by traveling on the creek bed. In the late summer, there's hardly any water, but there's still lots of scrambling over logs and junk.

Make sure to avoid the Devil's Club growing here. It's got evil spines and if pricked, you may need tweezers, and it can cause severe skin irritation.

When I went a bit further, I found this scene.  The whole hillside in the ravine was littered with garbage. Looking up I could see a stove, a ottoman, construction buckets with leftover stuff in them, bottles and containers, a bag of clothes, flower pots, so much stuff.

And of course, toys.

 I climbed up the steep hill where there was more and more dumped garbage. Here I'm looking way down at the same stove far below in the ravine.

This area of Surrey is called Royal Heights. What a shameful way for a princess to end up.

When I got to the top there was a fence and the back yard of a large 3 story plaster box of a house.

I climbed back down through the ravine and found the front of the house. It's on a cul-de-sac with no road access to the edge of the ravine except through this house's driveway.  I'm sure they wondered what I was up to as they watched me walk up their drive way to look over the fence where I saw more stuff like a mattress, particle board furniture, this lawn chair and more. They will have to be involved in the clean up as there is no other easy access to this garbage except through their driveway. Technically it will be a difficult job, maybe with winches and large construction tote bags it will be possible. Whether they will be held responsible is up to the by-law department, but there probably isn't enough proof  or motivation by the city to take care of these issues.

Tom Hopkin's Ravine is a beautiful green slice of nature in Canada and should be respected. It's a privilege to live next to green space and if you do, you should be well educated on keeping it clean. I just don't understand the mentality of those who would fill it with garbage.  For more posts on Tom Hopkins ravine, visit here and here.

As I walked through the other cul-de-sacs and dead end streets in this area west of  Scott Road and 98 Ave,  I notice the same old garbage that has been dumped here from when I pictured it February 13, but more is being added on a regular basis to every unattended road end here. 

The abandoned umbrella looked like a large bright blossom blooming in the blackberries. The colors reminded me of the real thing I saw last week, and I try to hold onto those images as I make my way back home.

Earth Day may be over, but our earth still needs our help.

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