Friday, March 30, 2012

Tagging Part 5

I'm trying to be as thorough as possible in photographing the tags I see. I want to be as clear as possible when I talk to the Graffiti Hotline about the volume of tagging activity in my area.

The current method of dealing with these tags is to force people to over paint with by-laws and fines. However, even before that happens, it requires someone to report the graffiti. As my photos show, no one is reporting anything. The system does not seem to be working to reduce or eliminate tags and graffiti. 

I am just going to throw all these pictures up here and figure out what to do later. My apologies to anyone who came here looking for inspiration or a solution. My best idea is to have some public street art and murals in places where this is a problem. Please visit my Blank Walls for Public Street Art page for more information.

These tags are all from 128 Street to Holland Park between Old Yale and 96 Ave and photos were taken on my dog walk today.


Bog Park at 130 and 97
Bog Park

Holland Park (has been fixed in a timely manner)

This is the fifth post regarding Graffiti and Tagging. Visit  Problem of Graffiti, on Tagging Part OneTagging Part TwoTagging Part Three and Tagging Part Four.

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