Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tagging Part 4 - Rated R

 There's a few tagging and graffiti pictures which I haven't  posted before now. 
No, this isn't one of the Rated R  Tags.  These next few ones were taken the last couple days along 128 Street.  

Here's my problem. 
Do I make a website that shows the whole ugly truth, or make a website that children can visit to teach them the Keep Canada Clean message?
Do I make a website that trashes Surrey completely, or make it an encouragement to people with happy thoughts and messages of rejuvenation?

Fair warning: If you have small children sitting on your lap or looking over your shoulder, you may want to read the rest of this page another time.
My reality right now is that I get depressed when I go for a walk in my neighborhood. I've gotten e-mails from others who say the same thing. My walk yesterday was one of those walks.

I drive past this back alley off of 128 Street and 96 Ave everyday on the way to Newton. I can see when a new dump of stuff has been left in the back alley. I also walk my dog this way every now and then. Sometimes the back alleys are quieter with less cars. 
This alley is never pleasant. I see a new dump of garbage as I approach 128 Street. The black and white plastic wrapped object has holes in the plastic. It looks a lot like dog fur, I begin to think it's a dead dog tossed out. Why else try to double wrap it? Why is my dog all slinking and skulking? What else could it be? A sheepskin? A old fur coat with long fuzzy caramel colored hair? If I poke it with a stick will it feel solid? I didn't want to look too close. I reported dumped garbage and have been since trying to convince myself it was a very large large sheepskin.

But I digress, because we are here to look at graffiti. 
 Yes, that's a toilet. Go ahead, say all those Surrey in the Toilet jokes and get over it.

 This is what it looked like a week or two later with a TV added. I didn't photograph it again this time, but things had been moved around but not cleaned up. (Update: the garbage was picked up, but the image remains... How hard would it be for by-laws to just paint it without all the paperwork to the owner... it would be faster and probably cheaper.)
The fence next door is this.

 That's all, not that dramatic. Rated R for Rude maybe, and not the Surrey I want to portray. Like I said, not my favorite back alley.

This graffiti is on the other side of 96 Ave. (Update, this was finally poorly painted over in black around April 30th, after having been there for 3 or 4 months. One month since this post. What if I hadn't reported it... how long would it have been? This wall really needs a nice large mural.)

I walked past used condoms on the street on my way home. I didn't photograph them cause it's gross. Here's my token condom photo that I took a long time ago to represent all the ones I've seen the last few months. Used condoms on my street corner, in the street, on the boulevard, in front of the elementary school and next to the park. 

Also offensive. Used oil filters in the ditch.

Also offensive. Trees being cut down one after another after another.

OK. I'm done. I need to take my dog for a walk and I'm trying to figure out which way to go to recover my positive outlook. 

This is the fourth post regarding Graffiti and Tagging. Visit  Problem of Graffiti, on Tagging Part One and Tagging Part Two and Tagging Part Three.

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