Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surrey Ditches, so Trashy!

Why do Surrey Ditches gotta be so trashy?
 They give us all a bad name with their nasty habits.

They take in anything that comes along.

They clutter up the scenery and streams with their dirty ways.

Surrey ditches are filling themselves with a disgusting mix of fast food, trash and cigarette buts.

Surrey Ditches just wait for the lay-about to get kicked around right down into their clutches.

They hang out with questionable characters.

In fact, Surrey Ditches will hang out in any old hole.

Doesn't seem to matter which hole, as long as it has food and drink.

"Free" items left on the side of the street end up with Surrey Ditches, hanging out right outside the house they came from. Trash doesn't even have the sense to go home when no-one shows to pick them up.

Surrey ditches collect litter into one big trashy group.

These are the ditches in my immediate neighborhood. On my way to the park, on my way to the grocery store.  As a pedestrian these Surrey Ditches really get in my face and bug the heck out of me.

There's no way to avoid them if I want to walk anywhere in my neighborhood.

Every day it's the same old trash with a bit of new added on top.

One Surrey ditch gets rid of her trash, and immediately another one 10 feet away acquires more trash.  I've photographed at least 3 or 4, wait, maybe 5, 6? dumps on this stretch of street over the last 3 months. 

Those trashy Surrey Ditches hang out within a block of the new library and city hall. Being near shiny big skyscrapers doesn't seem to help. This is on 102a Ave. across the corner from Central City.

They don't have any respect for anyone. 

 Spring is coming and soon these Surrey ditches will put on a fresh covering of green grass. The city will come around in a couple months and whip the grass and garbage into a fine froth of bits of plastic and vegetation all mixed together.

This will all get washed downstream with all the rest of the trash that got added into the mix. This in turn will lead to the gyre of plastic swirling in the Pacific Ocean, then to the microscopic particles that sealife think is food.. This in turn affects the health of the ocean, fish,  humans and the whole ecosystem. For more information on litter and our oceans visit RozaliaProject.org

That's our Surrey Ditches, contributing to the trashy problems of this city and the world. To quote a friend...

" Day-um  Surrey Ditches, why you so Nasty?!!!"
Makes me think back to the Surrey Ditches I've met the last few months.

What are we gonna do about these Surrey Ditches?

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