Saturday, March 31, 2012

Signs of Spring in Surrey

I'm an enthusiastic gardener and love growing things of all kinds, so naturally I'm eagerly looking forward to warmer weather. Spring has sprung and signs of growth are everywhere. 
I enjoy crocus spotting, even if they are accompanied by a cigarette butt.

 So many of the old homes around here used to have beautiful gardens.  Even though the houses are now neglected and worn, yards and gardens go forsaken and  ignored, the crocuses and daffodils still courageously poke their heads out of the ground every year.

Forgotten locations where someone at some time has planted bulbs looking forward to spring.

Hidden away in a little corner of landscaping behind a business on Scott Road.

Every now and then, on an empty lot you will see signs of what beauty used to be at that location. 

The magnolia is blooming at the Ribbons and Balloon property. 

The white blossoms vie for attention,  competing with the bright colors of the balloons.

The brilliant yellow of the skunk cabbage is nicely complemented by the orange and yellow of  the chip bags.

Spring means grass cutting by the side of the roads has begun.
Unfortunately they did not pick up the garbage before the mower went through, so all the plastic and paper has been shredded into many parts. You can see the slices of plastic that this cup separated into. I counted 10 or so pieces to pick up now, instead of one.

The label that was one piece is now three.

 I recently predicted a similar fate for the trash in the Surrey Ditches.

This plastic is as light as air now and will be blowing in the wind today.

In Spring the blackberry canes turn a bright red purple before they explode into thorns and leafs and hide all the garbage.
Spring rain and wind also brings about a lot of umbrella dumping.

Random picture I took this week that isn't spring related but I find amusing.

A city councillor once said to me in an e-mail. "perhaps you might also consider taking some pictures of Surrey that show some of its natural beauty as well."  Here's some pretty pictures just for you. Click to view larger.

The snow is still on the mountains

but Spring is definitely in the air.

Thank you to whoever planted these flowers in Al Cleaver Park.
You have added a bright spot in my day.

Plant Flowers not Garbage! 

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