Thursday, March 1, 2012

Show home open daily

There's a new townhouse development off Scott Road around 95 Ave called Redleaf Crescent.
Apparently there's a showhome open daily 1 - 5 pm.  I wonder if they bring their visitors in this gate.

Bajwa, mattress and broken TV are waiting to invite them in.

On the left side of the Show home sign was this collection of trash being held back by the fence.

The trash didn't stay on it's side of the fence though. The Sabzi Mandi grocery store's land was also full of litter.  I guess cleaning up outside the store is not a high priority. I also noticed a lot of stumps. I'm not sure how many trees were here before.

Corner collection of old milk jugs and garbage across from the store.

 The trash continued along the parking lot. More TV's and junk strewn against the fence. You can barely see the snow covered mountains in the distance, but they were beautiful that day.

Do you think their large REDLEAF sign is really working as advertisement to entice people to live there?

 I've already taken pictures 2 months ago of the other side of the townhouse and it isn't any better. The path next that leads to LA Matheson high school is strewn with litter.

This particular dump of garbage has been here for at least 3 months.  This is the view some Redleaf Crescent residents get from their windows.

New development doesn't seem to be helping our area to improve in appearance. Yet, over and over again, you see the development signs, bringing in more people, more garbage and no apparent plan to take care of it all.

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