Monday, March 26, 2012

Seed Birds and Volcanoes for Guerilla Gardening

This Spring Break we got excited about making wildflower seed balls to throw into a local empty field. The Heal This Field poster was our inspiration.

The Seed Birds turned out cute and cheerful. The fuzzy ones are covered in aster seeds, it will almost be a shame to turn them loose in the earth. Our reward will be flowers later this summer.

To make the seed balls we used newspaper mush, rice glue and wildflower seeds. You can view all the information and variations in more detail at our other blog.

As usual around here, the project turned into a experiment and creativity fest. 

The Seed Birds were covered in scrap paper using rice glue.  The color really added the needed cuteness factor. The beaks were dipped in a turmeric and rice glue mixture.

Some newspaper balls were wrapped with Keep Canada Clean messages. These were made with lavender seeds I'd saved from my lavender plants. The newspaper mash smells wonderful as bits of flowers and leaves were mixed in.

Seed sticks with a message like 'Keep Canada Clean' or 'Plant Flowers not Garbage' were made by using rice glue to stick seeds onto scraps of paper. The ones that turned out nicest were formed around straws so it made a neat spiral tube. This would be the easiest thing to make in bulk.

The seed volcanoes are pretty much my favorite ones though. They are festive and fun looking.

With spring rain falling today, and warmer weather in sight,  we'll see how long it takes this one to sprout.
I can imagine seed birds and volcanoes as give away items at festivals. It's not a piece of plastic to go in a landfill and is mostly free materials.  People would then be encouraged to 'Plant Flowers not Garbage' and give them the Keep Canada Clean message in another way that links to nature.

Plant Flowers not Garbage!

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