Thursday, March 8, 2012

Scattered garbage, scattered thoughts

Over the last few days I've been feeling scattered and directionless. Every day when I walk my dog I see litter scattered everywhere. Stuck in the bushes, sucked into the ditches, piled by barriers, placed next to fences, dumped in empty lots.
As I stopped to photograph this collection I thought about how the realtors could be a real asset in keeping a neighborhood clean. Instead it seems I'm more likely to see their old signs fall by the roadside or into the ditches. My dog chose that spot to poop, so I picked up after my dog, and I sighed at the ridiculousness of me carrying my little bag away from this dump scene to find a garbage can. I knew there wasn't one for  blocks, and I would pass bags full of trash thrown out on the side of the road and piles of other people's dog poop.

Scattered roadside collection, realtor's sign, memorial cross, flower pot and mitten on cement block.

In the ditch lies the couch cushion that has been here for three months now. I should call and ask the city to clean Scott Road, my entrance to Surrey, but first I have to call about all of this.

So many childhood toys dumped. 

So many umbrellas.

I'll hide my trash here.

I've been reaching out to the city to try to find a way to pick it all up, but more importantly, find a way to convince people it's better to not litter or dump.  Time and time again, they point me to their programs they have set up.  The once a year Clean Sweep program for example. They don't seem to realize once a year doesn't cut it. This is happening 365 days a year, and this leap year 366.

Outside LA Matheson Secondary.

The clothes that have been here three months now.

 A trail of garbage in every ditch.

Scattered garbage, scattered thoughts.
It's somewhat cathartic to be able to place all these garbage photos out here in public view. Get the countless images out of my head so I can think more clearly. 

The TV News people want to talk to me about my blog. 
I need to figure out what can be accomplished from all of this. 
I need to figure out if I really want to publicize Surrey as the trashy city I see.
How does one bring change for the positive without focusing on the negative?


  1. Love to see your concern! yes, it's a problem. Just shared this post on the ReNewton Community Facebook page

  2. I'm glad that it's not just me and my family noticing the garbage. I hope people just learn not to litter. What about those fines the US has...maybe that would be a deterrent.


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