Monday, March 5, 2012

The Problem of Tagging

Since I posted about The Problem of Graffiti  I'm noticing all the tagging that's going on here in West Surrey. Almost all of these examples are from West of King George and North of 90 Ave. 

Finally one person with at least some artistic talent.

Some tags along 96 Ave are pretty new I think. As I said before in some areas every pole has been hit.

You can see by the layers of paint that this store owner has had to repeatedly paint over the tagging.

You can't hide from me Bajwa...

Surrey's First in Tagging.

On some fences there are so many tags it's become a jumble of colors. This faces onto the corner of AHP Matthew's playground and the park.

The walkway between streets leading to the school has tagging on almost every fence panel. I did't count but  the number of tags must be close to 50 in this one stretch.

When I called about the graffiti on the fence pictured below, it was promptly painted over it, within a week, even though it had been there for three months prior to me calling.
Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't make my neighborhood look any better than it did before. They've replaced one form of ugly with another. Whoever painted over the graffiti didn't even bother to pick up the garbage on the ground right under it which has been there for weeks as well.

Before we slide into Urban decay, I think it's time to get some of the positive aspects of an Urban center in this part of Surrey.  I've compiled a photographic list of Blank Canvases in need of Street Art.  These walls and fences are getting tagged repeatedly, and one effective method of minimizing its effect is to paint large scale wall murals.

For fences, hiding tags with art may be an effective way to bring together a long stretch of differing fences into one design. For example, 128 Street between 94 Ave and 89 Ave, or the stretch pictured below, a walkway between Moffat Park and 92 Ave.

I think a Mehndi Design would be an effective and attractive cover up design for walls and fences that are often tagged.  Stencils could be made and combined in various manners to make a pleasing design.


This project is still in it's brainstorming phase. If you have any ideas or contributions, please Contact me or leave a comment here.

More Graffiti and Tagging here.

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