Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Problem of Tagging Part 3

I have continued to collect Tagging Pictures these last few weeks, but one walkway had so much, photos could not do it justice. So I made a video of part of one of the walks I do to Kennedy Heights Park. 
Video taken March 16, 2012 of fences along walkway leading from 92 Ave and 123 Street to the South East corner of Moffat Memorial Park at 94 and 123 Street. 

This issue is getting greater and there needs to be another way to handle it since the current system isn't working.  Yesterday I took a walk down 128 Street to stop and photograph what I've been driving past almost every day since I started this blog in December. 

Strangely enough the graffiti started bothering me more since the city came by this month and planted new street trees along 128 St. between 96 Ave and 88 Ave. While I'm happy for the trees, I'm not so sure it is making my Surrey more beautiful just yet.

Some fences are home to these not so beautiful cover up jobs, on top of which someone has over tagged with black marker.

Even the signs of spring blossoms on the trees can't mask the bad paint cover ups.

This fence is directly across from David Brankin Elementary, and every one of these other fences are on the walk to and from school for many many kids.

This fence is full of all kinds of colorful tags. Again, not really made more beautiful with the addition of new street trees.

Surrey bus stop.

The owner has tried to cover the graffiti, but around the corner their fence has one again been tagged. 

A special little corner of trash and old vandalism, walked past every day by many many people.

At the corner of 128 and 88. A possible location for a mural or street art? See more of these on my Blank Canvases for Public Art page.

The graffiti in this part of Surrey extends from the bottom of ravines in hidden locations...

 To the edge of City Center....

What do I think about the taggers?  I feel sorry for them that their life is so boring that they feel this is a thrill, but I wonder if some of this graffiti is linked with gangs. 

More Graffiti pictures on my original post about the Problem of Graffiti, on Tagging Part One and Tagging Part Two. Continued on Tagging Part 4 - Rated R

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