Monday, March 5, 2012

The Problem of Tagging Part 2

Tagging pictures continued from The Problem of Tagging.
Scott Road Hill

Tom Hopkins Ravine

Newton (This has now been painted over, March 26)


 Cedar Hills

Anti-graffiti. Removing graffiti this way just makes an uglier negative image of the tag.  Do you really think this improves the look of the neighborhood? Scott Road and 99 Ave.

 Robson Park where the Southern Perimeter is covered with graffiti. Perhaps the city should consider creating a maintenance agreement with property owners so that parks can maintain the outer perimeter of the park without having to go through by-laws or burden owners. Living next to a park should be a bonus, in these cases it's a liability and hassle.

Recent addition to Robson Park. More images of the park here.

Top Image! A local hair dressing salon that really needs a huge mural to cover up this and more on this wall which I chose not to display.

 Back alley east of Scott Road between 94 and Holt Rd. is also full of graffiti.

Back of businesses along Scott Road and on 120a Street also full of graffiti.

Outside a daycare facility.

90 Ave.

 Scott Road.

Pictures are continued from original posts, The Problem of Graffiti and The Problem of Tagging, they continue on to Tagging Part Three

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