Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heal This Field

Spring Break is here so I'm going to be focusing on nature and my daughter instead of garbage the next couple of weeks.  Here's a poster my husband received from someone at the City Centre library (colored by my daughter). The Empty lot under the Gateway Skytrain Station at 108 Ave and University Drive is in need of beautifying and healing. Make a newspaper seed ball and stop by with your kids this Spring Break to plant a few seeds.

This is a call to Urban Gardeners, Community Builders, Seed Planters, Pedestrians, Cyclists, Visionaries, First Nations, Youth Groups, Elders and Seniors, Planners, Neighbors, Meditators, Commuters, Residents, Cynics and Friends Alike. An Anonymous Act of Kindness. The Proof is in the Planting.

I hope this empty lot will flourish with flowers, I can hardly wait for spring.

We have our own little corner we are healing at the edge of our property that used to be full of garbage overgrown by blackberries and all manner of broken glass and trash.
I called the city and asked them to clear away the blackberries, and we planted as many seeds as we could.
This is what it looked like last year in May. These are wallflowers.

Poppies, lupins, foxgloves and forget-me-nots ended up being the most prominent. We've added native shrubs, sumac and whatever garden leftovers I can find. On New Years Day this year we also planted several trees including red cedars. This is Cedar Hills after all.
If you see forget-me-nots this spring at the empty lot, think of me and Keep Canada Clean. Give us a visit on our website to see how our project is proceeding. 

Happy Spring Break!

Thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging notes. Please feel free to use any portion of my site for the purpose of spreading the word of Keeping Canada Clean (and Green!)

Update: Visit our page on  Seed Birds and Volcanoes for Guerilla Gardening for fun ideas in making seed balls.


  1. What an inspiring story and project! Thank-you for sharing.

    Is there another vacant lot in need of healing that will be the focus of Spring Break 2013? I would be happy to spread the word through social media on my twitter.

    Thanks again for showing us what good citizenship and environmental stewardship looks like.

  2. There are so many possibilities for this kind of action around Surrey and all of Vancouver. It's a question of picking the right space that can be left to grow. I could also see this made into an event for the community that would include making the seed birds and seed volcanoes. Thanks for the offer to spread the word, I'll definitely let you know when I find the perfect spot.



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