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South Westminster Waterways Cleanup

Update: November, 2012. Since writing this document I met with Surrey officials and members of SHaRP (Salmon Habitat and Restoration Project, a student volunteer group) and as a result a large amount of garbage was removed this last Summer 2012 from the ravines and waterways listed below. The City of Surrey had also said that some areas were too difficult to clean up with volunteers, however, I did see evidence of dredging and garbage removal in areas such as the beaver pond and Manson Canal.

Here is a quote from the e-mail I received on the cleanup efforts of SHaRP.  Thanks to them our natural areas are a lot better off now.

"In July we cleaned up the Scott Creek ‘beaver pond’ area, where we removed one truckload of debris from around the pond, and also from just downstream of the pond (Manson Canal). Debris included clothing, food wrappers, electronics, tires, and a suitcase and computer tower from within the pond itself.

At the end of July, we cleaned up one section of 121 Street (between 102 Ave and 103A Ave). From this site, we removed one very full truckload of debris that contained items such as full paint cans, rolls of carpet, and garbage bags full of manure from in the ditch. There were also 4 mattresses in the ditches, which we contacted the City of Surrey about and were told would be picked up by an engineering crew.

At the beginning of August, we cleaned up the Delta Creek site (Tom Hopkins Ravine Park). We removed two full truckloads from this site. Unfortunately, we couldn’t manage to get the stove down from its spot on the steep slope, or a number of tires buried in the creek, but we did remove as much as we could (safely) from the rest of the site and from within the creek.

Last week [middle of August] we cleaned up Mahood Creek (behind the Khalsa Business Centre on 128 Street at 84 Ave), removing 2 full truckloads of garbage from this site. We also spoke with the businesses in the complex regarding proper garbage disposal and recycling options, as well as the importance of keeping local waterways free of pollution and contamination."

Thanks SHaRP!

Spring 2012
I have decided to instigate, activate, motivate, or organize a South Westminster Waterways Cleanup. (South Westminster is the old name for North West Surrey.) Winter cleanup is very beneficial as the garbage is more visible and more easily accessible. The steep terrain, blackberries and the amount of water makes this cleanup challenging.
As many agencies, community groups, schools and businesses should be involved as possible. Realtors and fast food retailers should be involved. Developers should be involved.
There is garbage dumping all over this South Westminster area, on private land, roadside and Hydro right of ways. As part of the waterways cleanup, it would be beneficial to clean up everything in one marathon session. Once it is all clean, the things that are dumped will be more obvious and if it is maintained it will be cleaner. The Signs Signs, everywhere are Signs page gives a list of businesses which will have their litter cleaned up. They should be asked to participate, as well as all the fast food and convenience stores.

The waterways involved are marked in red on the map.
  • Delta Creek (Tom Hopkins Ravine)
  • Scott Creek and Beaver Pond (Al Cleaver Park)
  • Ditches in area of  East of Scott Road and South of 104 Ave (121, 122 Street)
  • Ditches outside Tannery Park and Brownsville Bar Park
  • Robson Creek   
All of these waterways run into Manson Canal. Manson Canal is a salmon bearing waterway. Much work was done on Robson Creek for restoration. My daughter released fish into the stream last year. Robson Creek currently feeds into Manson Canal. If it is important upstream, downstream also needs to be clean and green. The whole system needs to work in order for any hope of salmon coming back.

I have provided this document as a outline for the cleanup work that needs to be done.

Delta Creek (Tom Hopkins Ravine) 
This ravine's stairs crossing Delta Creek at 99 Ave are closed from November to March. Much of the ravine has steep side walls and difficult access.

At 96 Ave between Scott and 118 St. there is litter strewn on the steep slope down to the creek.

I have always seen objects in the stream, however, I think there is a group that has cleaned it in the last few years, but there is still a lot down there.

Accessed from the train tracks near 97 Ave and 118b St.

At the top of the hill near  near 97 Ave and 118b St.

 Behind and below 11803 98 Ave.

Newspaper dumped into ravine.

Tagging on bridge

Mini refrigerator dumped at the end of  99 Ave. east edge of ravine.

Scott Creek and Beaver Pond (Al Cleaver Park)

Starts up at about Scott Road and 98 Ave. Steep terrain. Creek goes under Scott Road.
East Side of Scott Road.

Couch  and dumped household garbage. West Side of 98 and Scott Road behind the bus stop.

West of Scott Road, North of 99 Ave.

West of Scott Road, North of 99 Ave.

It's pretty clean through Al Cleaver Park beside Scott Road untill you reach the bottom of the hill where there is a walkway and a beaver pond.

See the suitcase.

5 gallon buckets, various plastic items and garbage are in the beaver pond and dam.

The whole panorama of the new part of the beaver pond, water area has now been drained.

Water bottle and much plastic stuck in the vegetation everywhere.



More pictures on The Beaver Pond Page.  There is garbage stuck all along the beaver's dam and under the leaves and now being flooded. Access may have to be with boat or hip waders.

The stream flows from the beaver pond through Scott Creek into Manson Canal.

Ditches in area of  East of Scott Road and South of 104 Ave (121, 122 Street)
While these are ditches, they also run into Manson Canal.

These ditches come into this side stream entering Manson Canal.

Ditches outside Tannery Park and Brownsville Bar Park

 Ditches near Tannery Road Park also had debris.

Ditch outside Tannery Park

Waterway outside Brownsville Bar Park

Robson Creek 
The renovation of Robson Park was the site of a great community event with releasing of salmon and all. This should carry on through the rest of the water system so that all that effort does not go to waste.
Robson Ravine at 100 Ave and 124 St.
newspapers, plastic bags

There is another shopping cart somewhere down there as well.

baby buggy, metal rectangle, not far away are computer parts.

103a and 122 St.
couch in lower right, windows on left. more was dumped, hard to get a picture, hard to retrieve.

Manson Canal
This is where Robson Creek currently ends up, in Manson Canal. As the old sign shows, it's a salmon bearing stream.  A lot of work was done on restoring Robson Park and my daughter released fish into the stream. It all comes down to here though.

122 Street and 104 Ave.

122 Street and 104 Ave.
Grey lump in background water is mattress, also floating debris. Beaver is working here as well.

5 gallon buckets and misc. dumped over fence from industrial site.

Manson Canal at Scott Road.

For much of it, it remains fairly clean of litter, either because it is getting cleaned or because this is not an area the public goes.

This plan is in it's very beginning stages. If you are interested in participating, please contact me.

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