Monday, February 20, 2012

The Problem of Graffiti

I haven't taken many pictures of graffiti, because frankly, most of it sucks and has zero artistic merit. Much of what I see is poorly done senseless tagging. But it's everywhere, so more than a few pictures have made it into my blog. I didn't take pictures of the body parts graffiti, or most of the bad language. Or the one that says "Brown Power"  Most of these pictures are gathered from my other posts  over the last two months. 
This graffiti is at a traffic light intersection on 100 Ave that leads directly to the much touted Holland Park. By-laws state it's the owner who has to paint the fence cause it's their private property. Makes sense on the surface.  But this fence is the public face of Surrey, the one that everyone is seeing day after day.  This photograph is from December 9th. So for a full two months at least   bus drivers, teachers, RMCP officers, city employees, my husband (who didn't notice it), Telus and Shaw employees, mothers and kids, christians, muslims, sikhs and atheists have all been past this and no-one has done anything about it. (Update, this was painted over after I reported it, what if I hadn't, it would still be there. Am I the only one who knows or cares?)

You may be asking, why don't I report it all? Because if I reported all the graffiti and  picked up all the garbage I see, I'd be doing it all day, every day. Recently I did report the first batch of graffiti I knew about. Including that fence above. I found out that you need a box number if you want to report graffiti on electric or utilities boxes.  I learned that BC Hydro doesn't do a very good job at cleaning their boxes of graffiti.

I also learned that reporting a whole block of fences with graffiti is problematic and they want specific addresses. That means that I can't just point them in the direction of this stretch of fences on the path leading from the southeast corner of Moffat Park at 122 and 95 to  92nd Ave.  It's a very handy way to get to Kennedy Heights Dog Park, but I don't like the garbage and graffiti. If I really want to report it, I'm going to have to find out what these people's addresses are...then they will be asked to clean it up. Then... it will happen again. 


Never give up Hope

I ended up going back to this spot to video tape the length of fence. Video is in this post, Problem of Tagging Part 3

 I learned again that I really don't like reporting graffiti cause someone who isn't at fault will have to clean up after spoiled children and it will probably happen again and again at that location. So it's tempting to just give up and give in to the inevitable, a city covered in garbage and graffiti.

 Even Robson Park, touted for it's renovation last year, has sections which are not so picturesque..

Every other phone pole has been tagged along some streets.

Even the trees cannot escape at Kennedy Heights Park.

 On the way home from my dog walk, there was a whole new section of tagged fences, joining the already existing graffiti.

"leave my tags alone"
This wall is actually a prime spot for a nice large mural. The owners have obviously painted it over time and time again with no effect on the problem.

This is only a portion of the tagging and graffiti I have seen. I certainly don't know the solution, but cleaning it up is the first step I guess. I must admit I'm a bit discouraged at the prospect of reporting it all and having to describe all these locations.


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  2. Sure, Graffiti like this is absolute trash and looks like complete shit, but you need to smarten up and EDUCATE yourself (if that's even possible) before trashing all Graffiti artists. The people that do shit like this are called "toys" which stands for "tag over your shit;" these people get absolutely NO respect from the true Graffiti community. What you need to realize is that Graffiti is a real, true art form and takes incredible amounts of skill. I've been painting on canvas and on walls for over 13 years, and I know several people who have been doing it for 20+ years. Even dudes (and a few ladies) in their late 30s and early 40s are out there at 3a.m putting up incredible pieces of artwork. Why don't you showcase any of their work? Why aren't you giving them any respect for their talents? You're taking a snapshot of garbage tags (keep in mind, what you are showing here are tags and are completely separate from true graffiti) and trying to pass it off as the entire picture of what this art is about. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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    2. I'm not sure where you see me trashing graffiti artists. I know very well the difference between tagging and graffiti and street art.

      I challenge you to find one good piece of art on the walls of Surrey that wasn't paid for. I have seen no Graffiti artists here and no Street Art. You find it, I'll post it. Even the graffiti on the train cars is pitiful, a real disappointment.

      Street Art and Graffiti should be like this.
      Street Art & Shopping Cart on Pinterest

  3. your fucking retarded pal, you cant say how art should be you dumby.

  4. jake was here,pass the mohindy!

  5. fame graffiti,jake?

  6. Hazer one is a toy.


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