Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mysterious Litter Transformations

On Saturday, January 21,  I photographed this little dump of stuff on 122 Street south of 104 Ave.

On Wednesday, February 1,   it now looked like this.

Does that make any sense at all? The construction items were picked up, but not the yellow bag. Then the TV was added, (the not surprising aspect of it.)

Burger King better expand their garbage pickup area to across the street. Seems their customers can't make it very far without littering.

At least the competition made it down the street a kilometer or so.

Another one for my 100 Circles Collection.

This morning I went for a meeting with the RCMP, a Surrey Crime Prevention Coordinator and a couple of concerned citizens who are involved in the Clean Sweep Program. This program is an effort to combine many resources together for one purpose.  RCMP, City of Surrey Bylaws, Members of Parliament, and Block Watch members joined together on November 23, 2011 for a successful event held at  Bridgeview Elementary School.  The plan is now to hold an event in my neighborhood in April. 

It's not only the physical work of the cleanup which is beneficial, but the community building and public display of high profile individuals and organizations participating. For some, seeing an RCMP office picking up garbage is a real eye opener as they may only have negative experience with law enforcement. Some residents may only have had exposure to countries where law enforcement is corrupt and to be avoided at all costs. One event will not change everything, but it's one more positive expression towards Keeping Canada Clean.
Of course, on the drive back home I went past this vacant property on 104 Ave. with the typical problem of dumped garbage. Again, I'm leery of reporting this dump as I'm not sure the property owner should be held liable for other people's bad behavior. I fear that by reporting it, the By Law department will pass the problem off onto the property owner. If I knew they were actually investigating garbage to find out which household this came from, I might feel differently.

Parents, teach your children well, be a good example. The kids will be running the world when you are old. What kind of world do you want to live in during your retirement?

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