Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mayor Dianne, we have a problem.

I've seen a fair amount of garbage the last 2 months, but today was perhaps one of the grossest days, cause it went beyond just plain garbage.
This morning fellow pedestrians pointed me to Bridgeview to take a picture of an election sign that has sat on the side of the road for 3 months now. When you follow along this ditch on 125a Street where this other old piece of Mayor Dianne was, you first come to water with a slick that smothers the surface of the water with it's deceptively beautiful colors. 

You come across the usual garbage in the ditch, but then the colors change to a sickly orangey brown. Similar to the iron oxide which oozes out of the peat bogs that  I've seen elsewhere but this has a funky smell to it.

There's oil on the surface and it's just nasty looking water. There was a young boy in the neighborhood, he told me he had seen poop in the ditch and he didn't like it much. Rather an understatement.
 It was the street his home was on. I wondered if it was just his imagining that he saw raw sewage, but his mom said when the days get warm you can smell it.
 There are ducks swimming in the ditch past that upside down plastic bin.

But then I realize it really looks like raw sewage, floaters moving lazily along past the houses where residents area trying to make a happy home for their kids.  Yep, just like the third world countries, we have open sewage flowing right through this Surrey neighborhood. 

Mayor Dianne!!!
Hang on now, let's be reasonable. It can't be like that here in Canada!

So I went back the next day to double check what I had seen. It maybe wasn't a piece of poop, since there's dead clumps of bulbous algae floating as well. The ditch was still disgusting looking and how one would one tell poop from the yucky clumps of vegetation, I don't know.
In the mind of that 7 year old boy though, if it looked like poop and smelled like poop, it was poop. He won't feel different about his community until something is done to take away the smell and the appearance. The picture came from the ditch in front of this park. At least the park was nice and green and the mountains were beautiful.
Right across from Bridgeview Park and the Community Center is this house (12541 114 Ave.) facing the park.
Doesn't help much if the park is clean and across the street is this mess. The total effect isn't really a clean neighborhood or city.
It has the broken windows, the dumped mattress, the household garbage added on top of everything. 
They said it's been this way for months. The city knows about it, but have as yet to do anything like actually clean it up. The by-law department for some reason has a difficult time just cleaning up and collecting their fees on bylaws that already exist. When the owners are foreign investors with many properties they are sitting on, there should be a way to clean up a property so the community can feel pride in their neighborhood.  I guess the city knows about the ditch too, if it was near my house I'd want them to fix it right away and having it left like that, is a bit disturbing to me.

The original election sign that brought me here? Blown up against a fence along King George, with bits of plastic and beer bottles. Mayor Dianne Watts smiles up at a Pattison ad on the monstrous electronic billboard while residents of Surrey are putting up with dumped garbage and the smell of open sewage around their houses. I think the city needs to concentrate on the basics first.
Mayor Dianne, we have a problem, a real problem you should take seriously.

(Update: On April 3rd this sign was still by the side of King George Hwy. Read that post here. I picked it up and took it home, otherwise I'm sure it would still be there. I guess she didn't get the message.)

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