Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just one more...make that two...no three

Next door to 7727 Scott Road is a fairly new apartment building.

Next to their driveway to the underground parking lot there is a TV, baby gates, mattresses, I think I counted 5.

Office chair, fluorescent light bulbs, propane tank.

 There were two shopping carts, household garbage, toys.

So many couches...

and mattresses and coffee tables and nightstands.

That's 6 couches.
One stroller overgrown by blackberries, it's been here a while. 
Stroller abandoned on the path that cuts through. Stroller carried far into the property and flung into weeds. That makes three.

Everyone who lives in that building and overlooks this knows about this dump. Everyone who parks their car at that building knows about it. They must. When you drive past on Scott Road I hope you are paying attention to your driving and you'll probably miss it. But if you walk by or wait for the bus there, you know about it. I'm not sure why it gets to this point, or how long it takes.

When this location is cleaned up, maybe the city should put door hanger signs on everyone's door.  The City of Surrey has recently cleaned this area of garbage to beautify our city. Call 604-591-4370 to report litter. Keep Canada Clean.  Maybe signage at the scene in multiple languages with a very simple message may get some people's assistance and attention.

I really wish that's all the locations I had to report. But there's more, and some which baffle me. I noticed another old election sign, but this one was directly outside the gates of the  Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara  on Scott Road.  I could see through the shrubs that there were things stuck in the bushes and low and behold another Bajwa sign along with a backpack,  plastic bags and other litter. If the land immediately in front of the temple isn't even worthy of cleanup, how will the neighborhoods keep clean?

At the corner of 68 Ave and 126 Street is an empty piece of land, again with dumping. 
The usual suspects. Computer Monitor, TV and household garbage.

Doorway of Opportunity

I think these dumps of stuff are all the more sad because its children's things and they are going to learn this from their parents. This dump had documents clearly visible with a name and address on them.   I hope when they come to clean it up, someone will at least try to speak to that person directly about it, maybe educate them. Maybe learn something about why they do this. Every street has garbage pickup once a week. I just don't get it.

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