Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Businesses Involved in Cleanup

In looking for possible participants in the South Westminster Waterways cleanup, I have a whole list of businesses which are indirectly or directly involved in the problem. It's not an official list, but if you look at the Signs, Signs everywhere are Signs page, there is quite an extensive list of businesses and individuals that will have their litter cleaned up.
At the end of the nearby cul-de-sac there's a number of items.

.Florescent Light Bulbs are often dumped. Are they accepted in regular garbage? I know that if you leave them out overnight in your recycle bin, they are likely to get broken and spread a lot of thin sharp glass all over the roadside.

Carpet underpadding.

5 gallon bucket, tile scraps, drywall, plastic.

Broom on the tracks. This is how I found it laying on the tracks. Probably some bored teenager with nothing else to do but train experiments.

More graffiti with more clothing and personal items dumped.

Which brings me to the subject of newspapers. The bundle on the left is hardly a remarkable thing to photograph, since there are dumped bundles of newspapers all over this area. I photograph them now so I can go back later and call in all the locations I saw them. Sometimes it's the Leader, sometimes it's the Now.

Not far away, a bundle or two was dumped over the ravine edge into Tom Hopkins ravine. I wonder if they will retrieve them.  At least in it's unbundled form, the papers will eventually break down and decompose.
On the way home another bundle I never reported when I first saw it. Here it is at the base of the mail box. Does Canada Post encourage their postal workers to help keep the city clean? Or do they just ignore things like this, because if they stopped to report it all, they would never get their job done.

The end of the block has one more bundle dumped into the ditch. I will call and report this. They will eventually come and retrieve it, but they will leave the garbage behind. Another individual will have to revisit the same spot to clean up, over and over again.

That was my weekend adventure, and today I went for another walk and another round of garbage. Too much to include all in this post... so let's just take a look at the papers.

Celebrate Inspire Youth
to Keep Canada Clean

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