Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From bad to worse.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about this burnt out house that's been this way since June. Someone keeps standing up the wreath, but it keeps falling down.

Now the scene has gone from bad to worse as someone has started to dump garbage. The household trash has been visited by rats, raccoons, crows and seagulls which have torn the bags to shreds.
I could call the city about this, but I don't know what they will do.  I fear they will again try to dump the responsibility onto the house owner.  I think the city tries to fix these situations by hounding the owner to clean up or threatening fines. Why is the owner responsible for other people's bad behavior? I can see how they should maybe bulldoze the house, but people died here. I doubt they will be able to sell this property, so are they now stuck with an unending nightmare in repeatedly cleaning up other people's dumping? I don't see the city doing anything to help the situation. If it's left, it's just going to accumulate more and more.

I once asked the city to just keep up with my blog because I couldn't report it all. I got a call from them about a property I reported 2 months ago, they were finally going to take action.  I'm not sure what that means, but when I walked past a week later, the property looked exactly the same. The next property down  there was a "new" chair, and the shopping carts were across the street.

It was a beautiful sunny day and my camera doesn't do it justice but the mountains were stunning. If the chair hadn't been so moldy and wet, I could've sat a spell and enjoyed the view. Across the street were the ever present shopping carts. 

Can you spot the second shopping cart? It takes a very keen eye.  I was in Zeller's today and a customer asked if they had any shopping carts. The cashier's reply was, "No we don't. They've all been stolen." I almost told her I knew where they all were, but decided to keep my mouth shut. I think these are Walmart carts though, Zeller's has really pretty red ones that stand out nicely in a photo.

Random Rectangle

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