Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The best view in the lower mainland

It was one of those clear sunny days when the mountains were touched by snow and you could see the great panorama of beauty the lower mainland has to offer. I went down to the bottom of Scott Road today where there is the park with the beaver pond I've visited often.  They are now developing the land near the park for a new Fed Ex facility.

From here you are still able to see the whole panorama of mountains stretched out across the horizon. It really is so much better in person. I've been able to wander freely around the pre-loaded sand dunes for a long while now and I'm sad to see the open spaces go.
I hope there will still be a place to see over the warehouses and enjoy this beauty after they've built the Fed- Ex building, but it won't quite be the same with trucks coming and going and parking all the time. 

It had such an open majestic feeling before the machines came.

The beaver pond has been partially drained. The new dam the beaver was making has been cut through.
All the water has gone back into the stream bed leaving behind embedded garbage.
All that dam building work Justin (what we call the beaver) did for nothing, but it's probably best the beaver wasn't here at all. The middle of a growing city isn't really the place for a wild animal anyhow. 

As I make my way out past the garbage in the underpass I realize my walks with my dog out in the fresh air aren't really cheering me up much, even on a sunny day. Thankfully tomorrow I am meeting with someone  to see about getting a cleanup going of the waterways here in South Westminster, or The Flats as I call it. I look forward to cleaning some things up now, instead of just pointing them out.

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