Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back at the Beaver Pond

There's another house under construction next to the beaver pond. It's visible in many of the photo's I took from the North side of the pond.  This bit of land has been planted with new trees and I also noticed some native shrubs that had been planted. You can see these new evergreen trees in the photo beyond the No Dumping sign.

The ground around was littered with the usual crap. Fast food containers, drink cups, chip bags.
As I stepped closer I could see other things. Ham Kumar is just one more realtor of a whole string whose signs have left behind to slowly become trash.

There were tires, lumber, construction waste, and a baby gate.

The old moldy wet foam almost blends into the plants, but the white plastic stuck in the tree was quite visible.

There was a complete set of license plates with expired tags. Were they dropped off by a thief, or will it come in handy to the thief who finds them? 

The beaver dam keeps rising higher.
I walked home past where Robson Creek comes out of the ravine and flows toward it's meeting point with Manson Canal. You can barely see the white couch on the lower left. It's in the creek and the white squares were multiple windows thrown out. It will be challenging to try to pick up all the broken glass in the vegetation. There was more trash all buried in the vegetation, some of it thrown down the hill from this property with the development sign.

Just how many dilapidated development signs are there? If only they pointed the way to a nicer future, but every development I see in the area so far has led to more garbage, more traffic and less trees.

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