Friday, February 3, 2012

At the Payal Business Center

The Payal Business Center parking lots are cleaned of litter every morning.  When I drive by in the morning I notice people in safety vests with brooms and dustpans sweeping up. The front entrance doesn't look very  impressive with a sign that has been askew for over 2 months at least now. Basic business practices tell us this isn't the way to get customers or tenants.

Next to this mall, over the fence, visible from 128 Street, this bit of yellow caught my eye. I decided to stop and check it out and discovered a People's Party. I've been giving Bajwa a hard time, but this sign is from August, 2011. 

As I looked down the fenceline, I realized the issue was a little bit bigger than I first thought. 

The dumping went on and on, the whole length of Payal Mall's parking lot.

I noticed some of the same buckets at the official garbage bin, but these somehow made it past the real bin into this natural area. 

Photo's never give the full effect of a lot of little bits and pieces of plastic stuck in plants and trees and bushes  for meters and meters.

I took a look from the other side of this waterway, another business, another fence line, another spread of garbage.  The waterway at the top of this photo leads into Bear Creek. Most natural areas in this neighborhood have been saved specifically because they are a waterway. It's the only bit of nature in this mostly industrial/commercial area, and again, it is being greatly disrespected.

The Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar (Sikh temple) is very close to this location, as is RedFM (Punjabi Radio).  The Indo-Canadian community needs to be included in solving this problem. If there is no  communication, we will not be able to solve the litter and garbage issues.

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  1. of course, we should keep neat & clean our city as well as country.....!


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