Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trucks and Trash

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to the school board asking them to take a look at this blog so that they can discuss the litter and dumping issues, and continue to look for solutions in teaching the children the correct way.  I got a positive reply back which confirms my ideas that the schools are already well aware of the problems, but need change and cooperation from the community, the parents and neighbors of the kids, to participate in cleaning up and not dumping.
Although my daughter's elementary school is in a nice neighborhood and the school is always very clean, just 2 blocks away the same dumping issue affects them.

Needless to say, I'd rather have the large old trees back alive instead of a broken old TV.

Today I decided to swing by and check up on Justin (what we've started to call the Beaver living down at the bottom of Scott Road.) It looks like more new sticks have been added to the dam.

I had taken photos of the oil oozing here before, but when the City's environmental people came by, it had been raining, so all the oil was washed away. Since it didn't rain last night, the oil is back.

Then I decided I should just see what it would be like to walk to the Tannery Road Dog Park which is next to the  Fraser River. I start by walking on the new roads behind the new development, quieter for now than Scott Road and of course someone had dumped stuff.

When I turned onto Tannery Road, I quickly realized I didn't really want to be walking here. The huge trucks are rumbling past, the smell of exhaust is nauseating.
Then the road side space dwindles to nothing, so I turn back. Not that useful having a dog park nearby that  I can't walk to. For me it seems wrong to drive to a dog park to exercise my dog. 

So I turn back home, wind my way through a temporarily undeveloped piece of forest. The development application sign has been up for a while, so I know eventually they are going to come in here and take down most of the trees and put in more people.

But my little sojourn through the forest leads me past a recent dump of stuff including one item I just can't leave behind. You see I'm thinking ahead to when it might actually snow.  So I brought it home...our Snowman will have a real touch of class this winter.

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