Thursday, January 26, 2012

Then and Now

Back on Dec 9th I photographed this scene at the corner of 128 Street and 88 Ave. This was one of the reasons I started this whole blog. I drove past this scene for weeks. First it was a clothing donation bin. Then  stuff started appearing around the base of it. Then the bin got vandalized and tipped over, and finally the bin was removed. But this is what remained. I finally called the city to find out what was up.
Someone was sent to clean it up, mostly.
Problem is, the usable items were gone, but garbage was left. 
A few weeks went by and then I saw a city worker cleaning up what was blatantly visible from the street.
Problem is, some things were left behind.
 On Dec 9th these speakers stood proudly in the weeds.

Now they have succumbed to the elements, or someone's boot. They have an old computer and monitor to keep them company though.

On Dec. 9th, Vikram Bajwa's litter in the same lot, included two signs left behind.

Now the signs are conspiring together. I have yet to inquire of the city how much Mr. Bajwa's fines are and when I can expect him to pick up all his signs. For a visual list of all the signs he left behind see my page Bajwa Litter  (Update: On April 19th the signs are still there as well as the other things.)

Back then on Dec. 9th, on the land in which Bear Creek makes it's beginning, next to 8452 128 Street, it was hard to capture the little bits of trash on camera. 

I did take a picture of the baby seat, someone out there is raising up a small litterer just like them. The trash didn't look like much back then, but I've noticed unattended garbage seems to have a way of reproducing.

Now, buckets and other debris have been added, so I stopped to see just how much there was. 
There is garbage all along the fence and then panes of broken glass and TV's, there's no way of getting it all in one picture. I didn't bother photographing all the garbage dumped behind this building which included broken furniture, panes of glass, construction debris.

Of course there was a shopping cart.

Again a natural area spoiled by garbage. This is where Bear Creek makes it's beginnings. We are trying so hard to clean up our waterways and reintroduce salmon, but if this is how it starts, what are the chances we'll be successful?

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