Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tax Hikes for what?

I read today that Surrey is considering raising property taxes. Now, I guess I really can't complain, since it seems obvious more is needed to get this city straightened out. The problem is that for the last 20 years since  we purchased here, I feel that the things I find important have slowly been taken away, without much being given back that I find desirable. They've removed the trees that used to line my street. They removed the trees that shielded me from the Scott Road traffic and noise. They installed a traffic light, which really only increased the noise as trucks have to stop at the top of the hill and then spew out exhaust and noise as they take off again. They continue to build larger and larger houses without improving the streets. More and more cars are parked on our street so I feel I live on a parking lot sometimes. So many things I don't like that have changed and so little added that I use or appreciate.

 I saw at the base of this hill yet another neighborhood being built, with sidewalks, streetlights and who knows how many people added to the already traffic congested streets.  Our current neighborhoods are already so lacking in so many ways, do we really need a new neighborhood while the ones we have are in such disrepair?
I see garbage piled at every opportunity. It especially bothers me when it's dumped at the base of the beautiful trees that may soon be cut down in order to pack in more development. Room for more people who seem to have less consideration for others and the natural resources our city has.

I've tried to be unbiased in my photos. I have seen many houses in disrepair with garbage piled around the outside where it's obvious the families within are having problems. I've held back on photographing and  exploiting that for the blog.  But when I see the brand new houses, where people must have money since they have fancy cars, spoiled children with lots of toys AND they throw their trash over the fence, it really burns me up.

Are my taxes being raised to support these wasteful, disrespectful habits? That I object to. More taxes for schools, yes. More taxes for parks, yes. More taxes to make up for the extra people living in basement suites that are not counted when figuring taxes, no!  More taxes to make up for cleaning up after people who don't care about our city or country, no!  More taxes for a fancy new city hall. no thanks.

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