Monday, January 23, 2012

Shopping Carts & Sorrow

Not far from home, dumped chair is gone, chair pad is still there. New shopping cart upside down in ditch. It's such a seemingly petty thing to be blogging about, but seriously, shopping carts are abandoned everywhere.
It seems even pettier to worry about carts when I walk past this burnt out house again. The fire was on June 30, 2011.  The sadness of seeing the memorial wreath dead and fading into the grass. There's a burnt out mattress and other garbage, as if everything was left as it was the night it burned. I haven't called the city about it, they must know. The owners maybe don't have the money to do anything. Not knowing anything about the situation I've walked by week after week since I don't want to add to someone's sorrow by reporting them to the by law department.

What do the neighbors feel about living across from this shell of a house? Does it make the whole street sad when they come home? How long would Dianne Watts live across from a burnt out home on her street?
Judy, you left your sign behind.

LA Matheson High School has the usual stream of litter and clothing I see outside their east fence.

I see having a garbage can isn't helping.

More graffiti has been added to the fences. A skinhead isn't exactly what it used to be, now that it's become fashionable to shave one's head and many guys have smooth heads.

This cedar was saved from being cut down and they built the neighborhood around it.  It still attracts shopping carts, even though it's safely behind a fence. The Shopping for Trees page will give you an idea of just how much shopping carts are attracted to trees.

Peek a boo!

Once I'm past this shopping cart, I've made it to the park. Thankfully it was a nice green day, with almost no garbage in the forest. 

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  1. This is very bad behaviors from users, if you are using shopping cart in such a way its totally un ethical ways of doing shopping.


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