Sunday, January 22, 2012


More new things always show up. No matter how small or insignificant it seems, it's just one more thing.
I perhaps somewhat naively thought that some things would get cleaned up once the city knew about it, once I emailed all the city councilors, and made a few statements to engineering, once I appeared on the Omni Punjabi News, once it was in the paper. But in a lot of the places I've been and photographed, like this one from the first day I started taking photographs, Dec. 4. nothing has changed, except for a few new items to be added to the pile. 

The difference is, the red shopping cart is now at the bottom of the hill. With the chairs that were also there on Dec. 4.

The next pictures are from the ditch on 121 Street. Tossed household trash. The city has told me they are actively pursuing and cracking down on dumpers.
I always find identifying information with garbage, I have with several of the dumps I've photographed for this blog. Do you think the city is really contacting these people and saying hey what's up? Why you dumping your garbage?

This ditch was trashy from beginning to end of the block, a constant stream of trash.

 On 104th Ave it was no better.

First I find a top hat, now I find a turban.

New sidewalks, new streetlights, new landscaping, broken bottles. 124 Street off Old Yale Road.

Objects on Old Yale Road.

Dr. Shinder Purewal, you left something behind... How long ago was this election? 

I turn around and head back home, along more maintained streets where it's not so overwhelming.

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