Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oil Slicks and Development Proposals

I went for a walk on New Year's Eve and didn't really want to take photos cause I still wanted to be in vacation mode, but I've gotten into the habit of taking my camera now and there it all is... I'll never run out of material to photograph - so I guess the project continues.
I've found out that the whole section of land next to the Beaver Pond has a Development Application sign up. I need to find out what that whole process is about and who to talk to...
in the meantime, I've found that the oil continues to ooze and it's not only next to the beaver pond, but in other places scattered around that pre-loaded area.

  Also next to the "lovely" Fraser Perimeter Road...

West of 103 A on the new Fraser Perimeter Road.

Update: the city came to check out the oil slick, but because of the rain we've been having, most of it was washed away. They said they'd come back when it hadn't rained for a few days.  I also found out the orange coloring is iron oxide that is being squeezed out from the peat bog that has been loaded over with sand.

Construction waste is dumped almost daily down here.  The city has told me they are putting "teeth" into their by-laws... Do you think they will track down where this waste came from? I wonder if this company knows who they sold this stuff to.

Doritos and childhood.
I've been thinking that I should start a poster campaign.  It would go something like this.

Feel free to print this out and place it on your local telephone pole. Please don't let the posters become more litter by the road. More posters to come in the coming weeks.

Here's the bus stop right next to the new Burger King. To be fair to the bus stop patrons, there is no garbage can here. So exactly what are they supposed to do before they get on the bus.  Is the arrow the city painted saying please throw your garbage here? They can afford to lay resource sucking grass all along the sidewalks and along Fraser Perimeter Road but they can't put in a garbage can.  Haven't they heard grass is one of the worst things to plant for the environment? Isn't there a better alternative for a city supposedly building for the future...  I do not like this future they are building for my daughter.

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