Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Repeats

Just another walk on a cloudy cool day. The snow was mostly melted and the oil ooze is back at the beaver pond.

This iceberg of oil broke off and was lazily floating it's way closer to the ocean.

What goes up must come down.  The balloons and ribbons of a celebration are now garbage waiting to entangle some creature, some bird or dolphin or whale, depending on where it lands.

Still life with red cups.

Maybe it's one family who drops all their garbage down here. This is really out of the way though, on Timberland Road west of Tannery Road. Someone went for quite a drive looking for a deserted spot.  Is it leftovers from renters that moved out, so the landlord just dumped it? Or is it one family that keeps on forgetting to get their garbage out on time, or doesn't have the appropriate bin.  Is that there are too many renters in the house they live in and the city won't pick up enough garbage.

Poor puppy looks pretty upset to come to this undignified end.

I get to Tannery Dog Park and the garbage bin is full. There are condoms in the parking lot. There is garbage  dumped.
There are papers dumped. There are two couches in the blackberries.

I decide I really don't want to hang out here.

The ditches on Tannery Road have all kinds of things in them, including the ever present strollers.

Paint cans and milk jugs full of mysterious brown liquid compete to get through the pipe down to the ocean.

Yet another mattress, Tannery Road and Scott Road.  Understand that none of these pictures are repeats unless I've specifically labeled them as such.  There is no way I have the time to report all of these items to the city. I've already been this way in the last few weeks and photographed a whole assortment of other items, which I haven't had the time to report yet.
122 Street and 104 Ave.  Some contractor or handyman is dumping their items. This is about the 3rd or 4th pile I've seen dumped in the last few weeks.

The ubiquitous papers. 122 Street near 101a Ave. at the end of the street by the train tracks.

Welcome to 2012 little baby. I hope we can get this mess cleaned up for you.

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  1. The Surrey Now has a real problem with their carriers dumping newspapers in the local parks. Seems to me they need a MUCH better system to check on their deliveries Our neighbourhood has three of their dumps again this week, seems to be every week. I call them but you have to hound them to come out and pick up their garbage!!


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