Saturday, January 14, 2012

Newspapers, Shopping Cart and Coffee Machine

Robson Ravine is a beautiful place. There's the stream, big trees, birds, moss, flowers, and a nice place to walk the dog. Unfortunately, there's also a few things you have to try to overlook. I found another dump of newspapers down into the ravine. I can't tell if they are the Leader or the Now without climbing down a precarious slope. So that means I will have to call both distribution centers to make sure they know one of their carriers is dumping papers.

In the stream itself, there is a constant dribble of litter, a plastic bag, milk jug, chip bag, fast food cup, another plastic bag, I'm not sure how long it would take someone to extract every piece of garbage, the bags stuck in among the natural log jams, the straws masquerading as twigs. As individual items strewn about it doesn't seem like much, but all together I imagine it would mount up.
I spot a flash of blue and yes, it's the ubiquitous shopping cart. It's going to be a lot harder to get this out of the ravine than it was to push it in.
There are definitely some items which are more prevalent than others. Small appliances, TV's, Electronics, Computers and Monitors, baby strollers, shopping carts, fast food packaging; all problem items.

The baby stroller is still at the bottom of the ravine along with a computer and other junk. I've been encouraged by a number of city departments to call in and report dumped garbage. None of them seem to realize that it's a huge task to describe all the multitude of places there is garbage. I try to describe it over the phone and they end up picking up two out of three items that were in the general location. I try to use their form to pinpoint the location, but their database doesn't have "to the left of the green fern and the big tree".  Then I should re report it, but I think I'll just wait till there's more. And yes, I keep going back through the same places and see even more stuff that has been dumped.

I also think that when it comes to the Parks, I expected that would be taken care of without me reminding the Parks department to pickup their parks. There is some parkland which is quite neglected and has been in the past as well. Frank Hurt Park was on the front page of the Surrey Now as a park that was seriously neglected.  I wonder if more money should be spent on the basics in the neighborhoods where we live, instead of on a fancy new city hall.

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