Friday, January 6, 2012

Learning by example

There's a little walkway I go on every now and then. It's at the end of a somewhat new street that was  developed from what used to be mostly open land. They got the nice sidewalk and boulevard trees, my street is being rebuilt one house at a time, so we get trees cut down and no sidewalks. But I digress. 

This walkway has all kinds of crazy things along the edge. What I didn't photograph was the baby diaper.
I decided to swing by the local school, and found some of the same items on the street that I photographed on  my walk on Dec. 7  I found the ubiquitous paper pile.
But then I stumbled across some adult items and many fast food cups. The papers, cups and straws I could have ignored, but it really bugged me that adults would leave their stuff right in front of a school. The kids walked right by it to get to school and would walk by it again on their way home.
So I decided to go talk to someone in the office and the principal came out to talk to me as well as another staff member.  At this school, they are fighting an unending battle against litter. Anywhere that is sheltered, or out of sight is used as a hangout nights and weekends. Come Monday morning, or any morning really, there are cigarette buts, broken glass, fast food containers, drug paraphernalia and adult items.

Just from picking up directly in front of the school there was a rather sizable amount of junk. After seeing what was there, I don't think the kids should be picking up trash here. It's a gross job and not child friendly. The school is doing the best they can, but without the local community participating and without the city and  law enforcement assisting, it's a losing battle. Children learn by example, and the community is letting them down. Something should be done before it gets worse, instead of  waiting till its too late.

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